Ve al cine gratis!

  1. Descarga Fever para iPhone o Android
  2. Utiliza este código promocional para conseguir 5€ de crédito: MIGUELP68
  3. Invita a un par de amigos (supongo que no vas a ir solo al cine) y obtén 1€ de crédito por cada uno.
  4. Compra su entrada con la app, ya tendrás suficiente crédito para sacarla gratis :)
Funciona en Nueva York, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla y Málaga

Go to the movies for free!

  1. Download the Fever app for iPhone or Android
  2. Use this promo code for 5€ credit: MIGUELP68
  3. Invite a couple friends (I guess you're not going alone to the movies) and get 1€ credit for each
  4. Buy your ticket with the app, by now you'll have enough credit to get it for free :)
Works in New York, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla and Málaga

Get money for your social data with Datacoup

  1. Make an account in Datacoup
  2. Link your social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Meetup…)
  3. Configure your Paypal account
  4. No ????, that's it
  5. Profit! 
I'm getting about $1 per week :-) Here's my page:

Elegant permalinks in Rails

In this post we're adding permalinks to a Rails app using the friendly_id gem.

Let's say you have a `User` and a `Photo` model in your app, and a user has_many :photos.

To add a permalink to a photo post that looks like this:

Add friendly_id to your Gemfile:
gem "friendly_id"
Add the permalink schema to your routes.rb:
get ":user_id/photos/:photo_id", to: "photos#show", as: :photo_permalink
Now, add the friendly_id scheme to your User:

Live on Youtube!

I'm on Youtube now!

Currently I'm playing Dark Souls, on my first NG+ run. Lot's of PVP'ing and jolly cooperation :)

In a couple weeks I'm thinking on getting into The Crew with some friends, I'll keep you updated.