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30+€ of free food with UberEATS!

New discounts for UberEATS, following the previous ones:

  • 10€: Register on Uber here:, or add the code 7C5CX coupon code
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You can order between 12:30 - 15:30 and 20:00 - 23:00, the dishes available are listed here. Bon appétit!

30+€ en comida gratis con UberEATS!

Nuevos descuentos para UberEATS, siguiendo los anteriores:

  • 10 €: Regístrate en Uber aquí:, o añade el código 7C5CX
  • 15 €: Añade el código de descuento UBEREATSBCN
  • 30% de descuento en 1 pedido: Añade el código de descuento EATSBCN30 
  • 10 € cada uno: invita a tus amigos!
Puedes pedir entre 12:30-15:30 y 20:00-23:00, los platos disponibles se pueden ver aquí
Buen provecho!

Export a list from Wunderlist (even if they don't want you to)

No amount of googling has provided me with a way to export a list from Wunderlist. The closest I've found form an official answer is "this is something we hope to add with a future update". Well, here's my unofficial solution:
  • Navigate to the list you want to export:
  • Open the Chrome console: Ctrl + Shift + J / Cmd + Opt + J
  • Load jQuery by pasting the following:
    var jq = document.createElement('script');
    jq.src = "";
  • Paste this to print out your list on the console
  • $('.taskItem-titleWrapper-title').map(function(){ return $(this).text();})
  • Grab your shiny new list from the console in a convenient format :D

If you've found a better solution, do share!


Just a test post to see how many upvotes this gets on Hacker News for having .js on the title.

Here's the latests popular posts on HN with .js on the title:

Here are the ones without:

If you want to be a good web developer, no clue what you need to learn nowadays. However, if you want to be a cool kid, write some JS.

Get 40€ worth of free food with UberEats (Updated! )

  • 10€: Register on Uber with the following link:
  • 15€: Add the UBEREATSBCN coupon code
  • 10€: Add the MDUBEREATS coupon code, valid March 22th, 20h - 23h
You can order between 12:30 - 15:30 and 20:00 - 23:00, the dishes available are listed here. Bon appétit!

This week's sponsor: EPICWEBS, helping people with websites

EPICWEBS is a site full of learning resources for WordPress, jQuery, HTML/CSS, PHP and more.

Their latest post is an in-depth tutorial about getting started with the WordPress Theme Customizer:

Head there and read up!

I got a Game Boy!

Remember how I wanted to get a Game Boy a couple weeks ago? Well here it is!
  • Game boy Advance SP: 15€
  • Metroid II: 15€
Also, I just found a way to change the color of original Game Boy games on the Game Boy advance: input one of the following combinations when the Game Boy logo appears:

This way I can play Metroid II in black and white, for maximum nostalgia :)