Cross browser, cross operating system alternative to Adblock Plus

Lately the Acceptable Ads feature of Adblock Plus has been criticised around some news outlets (starting in Germany if I'm not mistaken). Since then, I have been thinking about finding a better way to blocking annoying ads.

Now, thanks to this tweet by Steve Klabnik, I found a nice solution: preventing your computer from connecting to selected internet hosts:

This method has the advantage of working on any operating system that is POSIX-compliant (or at least has the 'hosts' file), and for all the applications running on it. That means that I can use it for my Mac, my Windows 8 PC, and my Android phone and tablet :D

The website itself explains how to install in in most environments, but if you have you can contact me on Twitter, I'd be happy to help.

Now I ask you, what method are you using to manage the ads in your online life? Leave a comment!

Update: bloaf from Hacker News menctions on the submission about this post, "a decent hosts file manager". I'll give it a try!


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