100 rules of an irrational economist, by @JoanTubau

Rule # 1: Participating is not the most important thing.

Rule # 2: Find your passion and deliver excellence.

Rule # 3: Do not talk if you have nothing to say.

Rule # 4: Surround yourself with people more interesting than you.

Rule # 5: Do not go around saying that you deserves a salary, the world owes you nothing.

Rule # 6: Set an ideal target. For 20 years from now. It doesn't matter if you don’t hit it, just move on that direction.

Rule # 7: Haters gonna hate. I don’t know of a better solution but to ignore them.

Rule # 8: The homeless do not preach the benefits of failure.

Rule # 9: Infinite curiosity. Ask around, don’t be convinced of anything.

Rule # 10: Do not travel as a couple with another couple. Either travel with your friends or travel with your couple.

Rule # 11: Do not clap when the plane lands.

Rule # 12: After a difficult day, look at the starry sky. It helps to put things into perspective.

Rule # 13: Don’t be a pain in the ass with Steve Jobs’ Stanford speech.

Rule # 14: With sushi, as with your daughter’s wedding, don’t fish for discounts.

Rule # 15: Continuing to study because you don’t know what to do with your life is a bad choice.

Rule # 16: If you are more that half a year old, do not start to learn Chinese.

Rule # 17: Do not get into other people’s lives.

Rule # 18: The short sleeve shirts. Evil. Buy a long-sleeved shirt and, if you’re feeling hot, roll it up.

Rule # 19: Destroy your credit cards. Do it now.

Rule # 20: Pay your debts.

Rule # 21: The self-help gurus have an above average suicide rate.

Rule # 22: Spend your savings on trips.

Rule # 23: Only The Wire questions The Wire (as they did with their fifth season).

Rule # 24: You’re probably not as smart as you thinks you are.

Rule # 25: The jacket’s second button. Never buckled. I insist, never.

Rule # 26: School kills creativity. Forget what you've learnt and get your creativity back ASAP.

Rule # 27: Winning is not enough, you need the attitude of a winner.

Rule # 28: Do not waste a minute on something you don’t like. If that ‘something’ is your job, you have a problem.

Rule # 29: Do not listen to economists. Not even they understand their own theories.

Rule # 30: No Bermuda shorts (except when sailing).

Rule # 31: Call your mother whenever you can.

Rule # 32: Do not try to be the kind of person who knows where will he be in 10 years.

Rule # 33: We are in the XXI century, we have invented more efficient methods of transportation than the bicycle.

Rule # 34: We assume that we are a bit stupid. We don’t  want to pay 1€ for WhatsApp.

Rule # 35: Giving thanks costs nothing.

Rule # 36: Earning money on the stock market is not easy.

Rule # 37: Never make a decision influenced by ‘what people say'.

Rule # 38: What kills you doesn’t make you stronger. Avoid unnecessary risks.

Rule # 39: Escape from the routine.

Rule # 40: Cancel your date if the girl wears Desigual clothing.

Rule # 41: I understand that you like your job but don’t talk about it all the time.

Rule # 42: Buy a convertible Porsche.

Rule # 43: Filter information.

Rule # 44: The poor buy things on credit. Do not buy things on credit unless you want to be poor.

Rule # 45: Without being the funny guy of the group, develop your sense of humor.

Rule # 46: Practice Ryan Gosling’s  "I give a shit about what you think" look.

Rule # 47: Do not study law. The world has attorneys for the next 200 years.

Rule # 48: Travel to New York once a year and, as soon as you get there, go up to Top of the 
Rock. Wait there until nightfall.

Rule # 49: Go big or go home. There’s nothing sadder than a lack of ambition.

Rule # 50: Do not hurt those who you love the most (this is the hardest one).

Rule # 51: Do not use the word entrepreneur. If anyone has a business, we’ll call him a businessman.

Rule # 52: Only douchebags wear a white tie on a dark shirt. Unless it’s carnival, do not do this.

Rule # 53: Do not envy.

Rule # 54: It’s never been easier to appear on the Forbes list before being forty. Stop making excuses.

Rule # 55: Fake it until you make it.

Rule # 56: You may think we can not live without politics. It is the politicians who can not live without us.

Rule # 57: Understand how the economy works. Hayek should be the basis.

Rule # 58: Do not attend lectures on entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs with good ideas do not live out of conferences.

Rule # 59: Do not compliment a birthday through Facebook. If he really is your friend, write or call him.

Rule # 60: The tracksuit. When will this madness end?

Rule # 61: Money is not that important. You would be just as happy without 90% of the things I've bought this month.

Rule # 62: Do not wait until the crisis is over. This is the new balance of the system.

Rule # 63: Everything’s under control (even when it is not).

Rule # 64: Stop complaining. Maybe you're right but nobody wants to be around a crybaby.

Rule # 65: Avoid being labeled. Even when you agree with the group's values.

Rule # 66: Reduce your fragility in response to future instability.

Rule # 67: A leader does not ask for respect, he earns it from his actions.

Rule # 68: Peter Luger’s Steak, in Brooklyn.

Rule # 69: Sex.

Rule # 70: Learn to do one thing very well and pay for the rest.

Rule # 71: Eat and drink in the company of friends, and without looking at the time.

Rule # 72: Thank intelligent people’s criticism.

Rule # 73: Do not argue with you girlfriend. It doesn’t matter if you’re right or not, you always lose.

Rule # 74: To the Spanish youth: maybe you don’t have a job, but with no debts or obligations, you have freedom.

Rule # 75: Talavante, after an afternoon of disappointment, said he preferred whistling to indifference. That’s the attitude.

Rule # 76: Decide with your heart.

Rule # 77: Do not look for a salary, look for a chance.

Rule # 78: Listen to all opinions, and then build your own mind.

Rule # 79: You have about 20,000 dinners ahead. Be so that none of them is a company dinner.

Rule # 80: If you want something, go get it yourself.

Rule # 81: Structure your thought. Write to put order to your ideas.

Rule # 82: Do not complicate the language when you do not know what to say. If you can write something in ten words, do not use one hundred.

Rule # 83: Get lost from time to time (in order to find yourself).

Rule # 84: Do not work in auditing. You only live once.

Rule # 85: Do not buy tourist packages. Rent a car and improvise your route.

Rule # 86: Always be aware of what others are expecting from you.

Rule # 87: Do not be a butt-kisser, butt-kissers are not liked. Do not be stingy, stingies are not liked.

Rule # 88: Watch out for unfounded optimism. It has a limit, and if you believe those booklets, the damage will be even higher.

Rule # 89: Quitting is underrated.

Rule # 90: Your name is your brand. Maintain a good reputation.

Rule # 91: There is no such thing as success without risk.

Rule # 92: Sheep visit the slaughterhouse en masse. Avoid herding, time to go off-road.

Rule # 93: Cross your fingers. If luck is not with you, you will accomplish nothing.

Rule # 94: It sounds like stupid advice, but it’is not: find a job that a robot cannot do.

Rule # 95: Have an irrational purpose.

Rule # 96: Do not take life seriously (we already know the ending).

Rule # 97: My only concern: enjoy the journey.

Rule # 98: No regrets.
Even better, forget this rule, I don’t think you can keep it. Given a vital decision, doubt will always remain.
It’s fucked up to reach seventy thinking that our time was not spent answering to our expectations.
It’s more so to have twenty knowing that, whatever you do, one day you'll regret it.

Rule # 99: If you want to change the world, start by not making it worse.

Rule # 100: Break the rules.


  1. #32 conflicts with #6.

  2. No, it doesn't.

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