Open Source and paid from the get-go: meet "MetaFilter for Android"

A few days ago I remembered I had a half-finished Android app, and I told myself: 

"How cool would it be if I publish it and open-source it, so that people can benefit from it?"

And... surprise, It is pretty cool!

Here is the app on the Play Store:

And here are some pull requests from amazing people, at the repo on GitHub:

My plans for this app are the following: 
* Open source from the start, until the end
* Paid, also from the start, to finance development (right now it's only giving enough for a beer, but anyway!)
* Blog about it weekly, to show how the "experiment" works out, and chronicle my discoveries in the Android development world.

Soon I plan to implement the following:
* Logged-in characteristics: adding new posts, commenting, adding posts to favorites…
* Access to AskMeFi, Music, Jobs…
* General shine and polish (there are some funny bugs, like not being able to click on links)

And remember, if you want to help, contact me, or simply fork away!

What do you think? 
Will be endeavor be fruitful? :D
Will some people clone the app and price me out of the market? :O
You know what the comment section is for ;)


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