Results of "The Scientific 7-Minute Workout": Before and After

I found out about The Scientific 7-Minute Workout about 3 months ago, and starting on the middle of June, I've been doing it every day. Here's my progress so far:

Day 5

Weight: 69kg

Day 30

Weight: 68,7kg

Day 50

Weight: 67,7kg 
Tattoo thanks to BaRuCo :)

Thoughts until today: It is amazing. I am getting better results with 7 minutes a day than when I was training for 3 hours a week. It's like a caffeine boost in the morning, and lasts for at least 12 hours.

During these two months, I've had no dietary changes. I weight myself every day at the same hour after the workout, so fluctuations should be minimized.

Concerning the effort, my muscles have got used to the workout by now, but the first week was hard. Therefore, I am going to try 2 sets every day from tomorrow on, back to back. Due to the way the exercises are ordered, by the time I'm done with the first set, whatever is needed to start the second is ready to go.

I'll try to keep this blog updated as I continue with the workout. Wish me luck :)

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