Dev diary, day 3: Python for Rubyists

Today was a fun day. Due to the problem I had yesterday with importing relative paths, I spent most of this morning reading about modules in Python. I also found out that there is a nice debugger for python code, called pdb, which reminds me a lot of irb when used with the -rdebug option.

Ever since I started doing Python full-time (~8 days ago!) I've had this nagging feeling that it is not as "pretty" or usable as Ruby. Talking with my colleagues about this, and other differences between the two languages, led me to this presentation, which really lifted my spirits:

There might be lots of superficial differences between the way Ruby and Python developers do their thing, but the philosophy behind both languages, and the capabilities provided by them, seem to be pretty similar. Out all of the transitions between languages that I've had (Java to Javascript, JS to Ruby, etc) this one is being the smoothest one, and that's making me happy :-)

PD: I need to start using better fonts for these posts —Arial and Courier do not match that well. Sorry about that!


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