Freezegun, time travel for Python tests

Yesterday I discovered freezegun, a Python library to run test cases at defined moments in time. It feels just like the equivalent of Ruby's timecop gem, and it saves me a lot of headaches trying to mock the datetime module.

What I was trying to test is a method named delete_expired_promises, which removes reservations for items after the expiration time has run out. The code, using freezegun came to be this simple:

with freeze_time('2013-10-30 10:00:00'):
  '1111', '2222', reservation_id='1')
  '3333', '4444', reservation_id='2')

with freeze_time('2013-10-30 11:00:00'):'1111', '2222', reservation_id='3')

with freeze_time('2013-10-30 12:30:00'):

    self.assertIsNone(self.collection.find_one({'reservation_id': '1'}) )
    self.assertIsNone(self.collection.find_one({'reservation_id': '2'}) )
    self.assertIsNotNone(self.collection.find_one({'reservation_id': '3'}) )

As you can see, I "freeze" the time at different intervals, create reservations, then run the delete_expired_promises method, and check if they have been removed correctly. It could not be more straighforward!


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