Ruby and Ruby on Rails Scene in Barcelona

I was asked on Reddit for some info about the Rails scene in Barcelona, so I went ahead and compiled some links here so that everyone can take advantage of it :)

Meetup and events



  • BaRuCo: Yearly Ruby conference, very good quality so far
  • MediterraneaJS: Same for JS
  • FutureJS: Another JS conference organized by the BarcelonaJS people
  • Full Stack Fest This year, Baruco and MediterraneaJS will happen together

Job offers

  • TrabajosRails: Rails jobs for all Spain, lots of offers for Barcelona
  • Barcelona On Rails: old page of the Barcelona on Rails meetup, still lots of job offers and companies using Rails on it
  • Betabeers Jobs: Startup jobs in Spain, includes a Rails section

Companies using Ruby and/or Rails

  • XING: Big professional social network in Germany, 400+ employees.
  • Online movie and TV rental + flat fee service like Netflix. Owned by Rakuten, a big Amazon like site in Japan
  • Itnig: Startup accelerator, lots of smaller companies around it
  • Redbooth Collaboration SaaS
  • Verkami Crowdfunding site, the Kickstarter for Spain
  • Tripobox, Camaloon, Kerad Games, Qustodian, Playfullbet... tons of startups!

And last but not least…
  • Ztory: Magazines for everyone, where I work :)

Anything you'd add? What about your region? Contribute in the comments!


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