Install Ruby on Rails in Windows —and Postgres, and Mongo, and Redis...

Googling "setting up rails on Windows", this is the second result, by @erikjansson
After spilling half a glass of water on my work Macbook Air, I set out to setup Rails on my PC once and for all. Having tried solutions like to varying levels of success, I decided that noting would cut it like the real deal.

This is a compendium of all I had to do to get the Ztory app up and running on my Windows machine. Hope I'm the last one that needs to jump around dozens of Stack Overflow questions, forum posts, and help guides to do this :)
  1. Install PostgreSQL.
  2. Install MongoDB. I used C:\mongodb as path to make following the install guide easier
  3. Install Redis. A restart is needed after this)
  4. Install Ruby 2.1.5 and Ruby on Rails. One click installer plus rails-infused cmd, great deal!
  5. Fix the SSL problem that comes with Rubygems 2.2.2
  6. Tweak our database.yml with the postgres username and password used on the installation + "host: " (explanation here)
  7. gem install pg --pre + bundle update pg to avoid pg_ext problem
  8. Fix TZInfo::DataSourceNotFound error
  9. Download QT for qmake (didn't work, more investigation needed here, I just commented out capybara-webkit for now)
I'll continue with this tomorrow, but it's looking fine and dandy already. Server: OK!


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