11 Google Chrome Extensions

Continuing the post about my Mac OS X setup, here are the Chrome extensions I currently use. As you might notice, there's a heavy focus in web development, since that's what I do on my day job; and in keyboard-driven interfaces, which you can read more about here. Off we go!

General Tools

  • Authy: 2-Factor Authentication with support for countless apps. I use it for my Google, Amazon, and Heroku accounts, for starters.
  • Crystal: "Communicate with anyone, based on personality". Try it out, it's uncanny.
  • Google Translate: For the pages that Chrome doesn't recognize as translatable. Offers One-click full page translations, or single word lookup in hundreds of languages.
  • Send to Kindle: I prefer to read long articles on my phone/Kindle, this extension sends them there, and let's me preview the result.
  • Wait! Google Sent Me: it was taken down recently, but if you can nag a copy it will let you jump paywalls like the NYT or The Economist ones.


  • cVim: the holy grail of browser keyboard interface. Supports click and hover events, and it's fully customizable. Wrote about this one before already.
  • JK navigator: this extension lets you jump between links and open them with on key, for even faster navigation in supported sites. I even made it work with XING!

Web Development

  • postman: Make all kinds of HTTP requests from the browser, inspect the results, and save them for future reference.
  • railspanel: get information about db/rendering/total times, parameter list, rendered views and more for Rails apps. 


  • Buffer: Share across the main social media endpoints at the right time. I also use it to build my weekly linkrolls.
  • Reddit Enhancement Suite: Inline images and much, much more in your Reddit. I cannot conceive the site without this anymore.
Any extension you want to share? Comment away!


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