SecurePaymentz Enterprise Banking software (sponsored)

Secure Paymentz is a company that installs Banking Software for banks, loan companies and/or exchangers, who want to have the best technology for their clients.
How does the installation work?
First, what you need to do is get in contact with them via chat on their website Once the installation is complete, you then have two options:

  1. You can buy a server and we can install the Bank Script on your server
  2. You can use their servers and they would install it immediately *They recommend this option because you would have a free server*

Can I see a DEMO of the system?
Of course, please look at the following images and demo access.

1 - User Section - Secure Paymentz

2 - Admin Section - Secure Paymentz

username: admin

password: demo6

User Section:
username: please create an user on

Can my users have a Bitcoin Wallet with Blockchain API?
Yes, all of your users can have an account with bitcoin capabilities and be able to deposit money in your systems bitcoin wallets. This technology is very good and will allow you to capture new clients

Do I need a license to buy this software?
This software can be bought without a license, and can be used immediately to start your project.

Do they offer any other services?
Yes, they also offer services like creating your own cryptocurrencies, block explorer, Paper Wallet, Android Crypto App and much more. You can see more of their services at

For more information you can contact Secure Paymentz via chat or by calling them at +1800-591-8085

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